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  • New decoration open studio 5mins. MTR
    Quarry Bay Tai Lung House Apartment Stand-alone Building
    360/270 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 4.20M @$11667/@$15556
  • Premium
    1 BR; 3mins walking distance to Sai Wan Ho Station
    Sai Wan Ho Parker33 Apartment Estate
    SFA 328 sq ft 1 rms
    Sell HK$ 8.80M @$26829
  • Premium
    By Owner, Estate,apartment 3 bedroom
    Cheung Sha Wan Villa Carlton Apartment Estate
    1737/1340 sq ft 3 rms
    Sell HK$ 16.00M @$9211/@$11940
  • Premium
    Estate,apartment 4 bedroom
    Ma On Shan Double Cove Apartment Estate
    SFA 1018 sq ft 4 rms
    Sell HK$ 22.00M @$21611
  • Premium
    Next to taikooplace
    Quarry Bay Sunway Gardens Apartment Estate
    684/582 sq ft 4 rms
    Sell HK$ 8.20M @$11988/@$14089
  • Premium
    Estate,apartment 2 bedroom
    Tuen Mun Miami Beach Towers Apartment Estate
    573/443 sq ft 2 rms
    Sell HK$ 5.98M @$10436/@$13499
  • Premium
    Estate,apartment 2 bedroom
    Kai Tak VIBE CENTRO Apartment Estate
    SFA 519 sq ft 2 rms
    Sell HK$ 13.50M @$26012
  • Estate,apartment 4 bedroom
    Yau Yat Tsuen Mount Beacon Apartment Estate
    3710/2638 sq ft 4 rms
    Sell HK$ 188.80M @$50889/@$71569
  • By Owner, Stand-alone building,apartment
    Sai Ying Pun Hang Sing Mansion Apartment Stand-alone Building
    SFA 449 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 8.30M @$18486
  • Estate,apartment
    Tuen Mun Sham Tseng Village Apartment Estate
    GFA 2100 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 11.50M @$5476
  • By Owner, Estate,studio 3 bedroom
    ShaTin Dragons Range Apartment Estate Studio
    SFA 985 sq ft 3 rms
    Sell HK$ 23.80M @$24162
  • Estate,apartment
    Tsim Sha Tsui Hillwood Court Apartment Estate
    SFA 473 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 7.60M @$16068
  • Premium
    village house,apartment
    Yuen Long Village Apartment Village House
    GFA 700 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 4.68M @$6686
  • Fanling shataukok road 2/F with roof
    Fan Ling Apartment Village House
    1480/780 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 5.08M @$3432/@$6513
  • Premium
    By Owner, office/industrial
    San Po Kong Prince Industrial Building Office/industrial
    GFA 360 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 3.10M @$8611
  • Estate,village house 3 bedroom
    Yuen Long Village Apartment Estate Village House
    700/700 sq ft 3 rms
    Sell HK$ 4.38M @$6257/@$6257
  • Premium
    By Owner, Estate,Stand-alone building
    Tsuen Wan Sham Tseng Rhine Terrace Apartment Estate Stand-alone Building
    1703/1433 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 15.50M @$9102/@$10816
  • Estate,apartment
    Tuen Mun Sham Tseng The Bloomsway Apartment Estate
    SFA 311 sq ft
    Sell HK$ 4.35M @$13987
  • Premium
    By Owner, Estate,apartment
    Tsuen Wan Ocean Pride Apartment Estate
    SFA 820 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 31,000
  • Premium
    Bright & Cozy Studio-Furnished, Vacant Early Sept.
    Tai Hang WarrenWoods Apartment Stand-alone Building Studio
    350/265 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 17,700
  • By Owner, studio,Chinese Mansion 7 bedroom
    Tai Po Apartment Studio Chinese Mansion
    GFA 130 sq ft open style
    Rent HK$ 6,200
  • Stand-alone building,apartment 2 bedroom
    Mong Kok Yau Wing Apartments Apartment Stand-alone Building
    SFA 300 sq ft 2 rms
    Rent HK$ 13,500
  • Estate,apartment
    Tuen Mun Sham Tseng Seaview Garden Apartment Estate
    820/582 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 13,000
  • By Owner, share rental,Estate 1 bedroom
    Tuen Mun Rosedale Garden Apartment Estate Share Rental
    SFA 60 sq ft 1 rms
    Rent HK$ 4,300
  • By Owner, studio,Chinese Mansion
    Sai Ying Pun Appartment Apartment Studio Chinese Mansion
    SFA 90 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 4,800
  • Premium
    Warehouse and open storage
    Sheung Shui Warehouse Office/industrial
    SFA 30000 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 160,000
  • Premium
    Tsim Sha Tsui Shops
    GFA 1000 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 192,000
  • Estate,apartment
    Tuen Mun Sham Tseng Fiona Garden Apartment Estate
    SFA 1636 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 35,000
  • Premium
    No commission, 2 rooms at High Floor at Mid Levels
    Western mid-levels Valiant Park Apartment Estate
    SFA 521 sq ft 2 rms
    Rent HK$ 30,000
  • Premium
    Direct Owner Brand New Evaluator 3 mins To SSP MT
    Sham Shui Po Tai Yuen House Apartment Stand-alone Building
    GFA 185 sq ft 1 rms
    Rent HK$ 7,900
  • Premium
    Warehouse and open storage
    Sheung Shui Warehouse Office/industrial
    SFA 45000 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 170,000
  • Chinese Mansion,apartment 7 bedroom
    Jordan Apartment Apartment Chinese Mansion
    SFA 130 sq ft open style
    Rent HK$ 5,000
  • Premium
    Fotan Valiant Industrial Centre Office/industrial
    GFA 140 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 3,500
  • Stand-alone building,apartment 3 bedroom
    Tai Kok Tsui Bedford 28 Apartment Stand-alone Building
    761/572 sq ft 3 rms
    Rent HK$ 24,000
  • Chinese Mansion,apartment
    Mong Kok Chinese Mansion Apartment Chinese Mansion
    SFA 180 sq ft
    Rent HK$ 5,500
  • Premium
    CWB/WC 3 New Bed Apt
    Wan Chai 364-366 Hennessy Road Apartment Stand-alone Building
    710/710 sq ft 3 rms
    Rent HK$ 7,000